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"The sheer talent and skill of Philip Butera as a writer simply
can not be disputed. He is a language wizard when using the
written word to present imagery, ideas, and feelings that are
profound yet easily absorbed by the reader. Additionally, if poetry
is meant to be read aloud, Butera's work is satisfying indeed."

Salvatore Alessi, Adjunct Professor of Literature,

Canisius College

"Philip Butera glides, rides, manipulates, caresses, seduces, and
inhibits language. While his images and phrasing initially appear
complex and constant, he manages to be clear and concise with
both. To call him anything short of a verbal genius would be a
denial of his unparalleled"
ownership of the richest of all languages.

Kathleen Bryce Niles, Editor, Comstock Review

"Philip Butera uses words and phrases like an accomplished
artist uses color and light. Excellent balance of imagery and
abstraction. His command of language is broad and lush."

Nicole Washburn, Editor, Ghostwriter

"I think Philip's 'Falls From Grace, Favor and High Places'
is an excellent book of Poetry, a signifcant accomplishment.
It is important that people read what he has created."

Michael Griffin, English Professor,
Okanagan College Kelowna Campus

"Philip Butera writes incredible poems.
His vibrant language and artistic visions will have you clamoring
for more."
Ann Christine Tabaka, Multi-Award-Winning Poet

"With raw passion and profound psychological perception, Philip's
poetry pierces your innermost being."

Eva E. A. Skoe, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology,
Professor of Psychology

"Philip's beautifully dangerous poetry captivates the reader with
intensely revealing intimacy."

Teresa Ann Frazee, Poet, Founder of the Boca Raton Museum of
Art and Literature Series

"I was first introduced to Philip Butera's work through "The
Apparition," his three-act play that featured the inspiration of the
Muses. With this collection, "Forever Was Never On My Mind," the
author conjures those same muses in several playful yet poignant
poems. It is a thoroughly engaging and entertaining meditation on
a life of "walking into mirrors," "seeing the face of my own ghost,"
and "loss, nonetheless." Butera's latest is highly recommended
and sits on the top of my "must-read" list."

Chris Bodor, Editor-in-Chief of Ancient City Poets, Author,
Photographer and Artist (A.C. PAPA) Literary Journal





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